Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday's Git 'r Done, Red Flag & PEO Meeting

This morning was really working on a list.

Order credit reports DONE
Update Blog - DONE on Wednesday
Find a skating rink DONE
Submit bills to Insurance DONE
Clean up the bill paying mess DONE
Take Hubby's car to shop for recalls DONE
Supper (Potato soup and grilled sandwiches) DONE
Clean on shelf of the freezer, Clean the lazy Susan, work on decluttering upstairs ~ can wait until next week!


Just as I was rushing out the door, the phone was ringing. I didn't have time to answer it but I was drawn to it. I did answer it and it was a (major) business trying to confirm an online purchase by Hubby. Hummmm?? While I had them on the phone I got hubby on my cell phone. Someone was trying to use Hubby's credit card. The amount was not a large amount (under $200) but some thing about the transaction had sent up red flags and they were calling to confirm. Hubby and I both confirmed that it was not us attempting the transaction and the the transaction was denied. I'm so glad I was drawn to answer THAT phone call!

PEO Meeting ~
I finally made it to my PEO meeting, LATE. I'm not a Late person (but I guess I'm glad I was today). I made a point to meet someone new in the group today. The theme was "Games we use to play". These ladies are all older than me, WAY older than me. They'd all played the games that I'd play, but still it was fun! Then the best part, they are great cooks.... we had coconut cream pie for refreshments!

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