Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Git'r done Tuesday

Today was a Bonus Git 'r done day!

(Since it was a 5th Tuesday)

We got fitted for


I know you've all seen the Oprah shows where

she gives woman BRA make overs.

Well a couple of years ago I saw one of those shows

and decided that I'd "do it after the first of the year"

well.....I never got around to it......until


In days leading up to today, I was second guessing myself.

How could I be another size?

What could they tell me that I didn't already know?

You know that sort of thing.

I needed this fitting

I was not wearing the right size BRA!

I'd recommend it to everyone!

so GO

Don't be shy ~ these ladies were 'fitting'

alot of women while they were fitting us.

It's their job, they've seen it all before!

We went to Nordstrom's

they had a lot of styles in our sizes to pick from.

We stopped by Victoria's Secret just to see what they had

and they didn't carry our sizes!?!?

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