Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday on the Prairie

SIDE NOTE~ I'm sorry about the spacing of this post, but I've worked on it for a great while and it just won't space right! sorry ......

We started out early, and I mean early for these boys. We left at 7am! and DROVE and DROVE and DROVE!

Our GPS told us once we got on a our major Prairie Highway that we had 104 miles until we turned. Good we settled in, set the cruise control and DROVE!

Seems at 104 miles there was a major Prairie Highway intersection, the GPS old us to stay on the Prairie Highway we were already on and reset itself.
Just how can that be??
Once it reset for the next 30something miles.
We settle in again, set the cruise control and DROVE!

It wasn't rainy, it wasn't snowy, but there was a low cloud deck. At the 30something mile we started to see these huge poles but couldn't see what was at the top. Slowly more and more poles and THEN.... we began to see something dipping out of the clouds. It was as if we were in an scary alien movie.
We were so busy being scared (OK mostly me but I wasn't driving) we missed out 30something turn off!
Just how can this be??
We made it, with plenty of time to spare.
Made it where you ask???
W had a PowerLifting competition!

his final weight on the dead lift was 445 pounds.

HE SET 3 STATE RECORDS! That boy is a freakish beast!

Oh and there was this .....

I kept thinking that this poor boy had a hole in his singlet

and on his hiney no less!

BUT the front was marked with Georgia, it's a peach!

OK this little prairie town we went to.....

there was just something odd about it. It was super small.

There were 2 choices of eating places, DQ and Pizza Hut.

The School was really old, stone but had an amazing football field and track, there was a modern, state of the art activity center, and when we drove around most of the houses were brand new.

Just how can this be?

I couldn't figure out why or how people were moving in this town. There didn't seem to be any big business to have a town that was growing, thus people having new houses AND the new houses weren't in subdivisions. They just along the old streets with a few older homes sprinkled in.

Something just didn't fit with this town.

As we leaving we stopped at DQ to eat, there was plaque that stated

DQ survived the "prairie town" tornado of 2001.

It all began to make since, everything was about 10 years old! New houses sprinkled in along with older ones, along the old streets... it all made since now.

As we drove home, we once again drove by the alien objects dipping out of the clouds only this time the clouds were higher.

I still can't look at them without having that alien thought come into my mind!

After a long drive back home we got home around 9:20pm. I went to bed and the boys all went out!?!

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