Saturday, October 24, 2009

Time Out for Women

I left home yesterday at 12:30 ran by picked my friend Stephanie before heading to Time Out for Women. That makes it sound so simple, but that was the gist of the leaving process. For instance the pants I was wearing were new (never put them on before the few moments before leaving) and they had a button at the zipper, the button didn't seem to sewn on very well, NOW I got to fret about whether the button was about to pop or would it hold?

We went to have lunch at Olive Garden, neither of our families like Olive Garden so we enjoyed a huge meal. A huge meal because I had realized that my times to eat in the next 25 hours would be few and far between. As I was eating this great meal, I wondered again about the loosely sewn button UNTIL I dropped food down my shirt, (something new to think about) fortunately for me I had a sweater that zipped up the front on. It stayed zipped up all night NO MATTER how hot I got!

I had be working with the Time Out for Women group promoting the event for the past several months and now would be on staff for the event. My job was fairly simple, I was over the Hall greeters, but would start with a couple of meetings at 4 then end at 6:45 just after everyone had been seated and the program began. No time for supper.

Not only do we get to experience the great line up of speakers but we get to get reacquainted with old friends and make new friends! It was so fun seeing everyone new and old.

BOY, did I luck out with the Friday night program, my 2 favorite people were on the stage. I love love Jenny Oaks Baker (simply beautiful) and then S Michael Wilcox. (see my notes below)I knew the that highlight of my weekend would be over with the close of Friday night, BUT Saturday morning held the my #3 and #4 favorite speakers. It was all good. My friend had to leave for Oklahoma in the afternoon so we left at noon. I was happy and my cup was overflowing.

I didn't take notes of the talks. I find that too distracting from the message the speakers have for ME but I have mental notes.

Jenny Oaks Baker ~ we are blessed when we do as we've been prompted to do.
When you click the link, read and enjoy the information, but minimize it, come back here and you'll enjoy her music while you read!

S Michael Wilcox ~ The Lord is acceptance. He spoke about the woman that had great faith as she just simply touched the Savior's robe. The Savior turned to ask who had touched him, she didn't speak up .... why not? it was her fear that kept her from admitting her act of faith. But she knew that Savior knew it was her, she spoke up and the Lord accepted her and loved her. We all have times when we won't do what we're suppose to do out of fear or that we feel unworthy but that is our feeling not the Saviors. His is a feeling of acceptance.

Emily Watts~ Every fruit ripens in it's own time. As we watch our children grow, if we teach them, correct them, they will ripen in their own time.

John Bytheway ~ If we watch a sporting event where we already knew the end result would we watch differently? He then quoted Jeffrey R Holland (and I'm paraphrasing because remember I didn't take notes) In the game of good and evil we already know that good always win, so why do we spend so much time deciding which jersey we'll wear?

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