Friday, October 16, 2009

update on the medical progress around here!

Little G only had 2 days of school this week (due to end of the first quarter) but missed both of those due to illness! In true G fashion we spent Thursday, thinking about and talking about all the great things he'd missed in those 2 days. As if he could have gone and just decided not to go ... that was not even an option he had a fever and didn't finish his 24 hours without a fever until Thursday, his first day of break! He's regained his health and strength but still has a loose cough.

Hubby is in bed with a sore again, things are looking much better but still have a while to go.

G made it well enough to go have our teeth cleaned yesterday, but we went in again today to get sealants on his teeth SO 2 days 2 trips to the dentist. It's a new dentist and I feel very acquainted now!

I've been getting so easily tired, makes me wonder if I'm next to get sick!?!

ALSO ~ my beloved computer isn't back yet! I was using hubby's laptop while he was at work whenever I wanted ~ well, when he came home this week. We have to share!?! Well, it's more like me hoovering around the bed waiting for him to air on the laptop and me pouncing on it! Today, I finally asked hubby "They would call you IF my computer were fixed wouldn't they!?!"

W is also all sniffley but hasn't got a fever. He's home, well.... he's in the same county as we are and his laundry is here!

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