Saturday, October 3, 2009

Repairman revolving door ~

It seems that we have a revolving door of repairmen minus one.

Yesterday we had the internet man here on top of our house replacing our internet equipment. Really thought he should have waited until a calm wind day .... NOT. They (the schedule department) messed up getting him here on the calm wind day so I wanted internet back so I didn't care that it was blowing 110 mph out there! OH, I should have given you an exaggeration alert before that! Great thing about this I had paid for insurance for the past 3 years that I though was silly and probably a waste of my $2 every month. Not a waste NOW it covered everything.

He replaces everything and then discovers my NEW shiny modem is bad (seems they can be bad from the store), BUT he gets on computer to run the Internet but nothing wireless. I run to Wal-mart, return BAD modem and spin the roulette wheel that I get a good one this time. Yep, hooked it up just minutes ago and I got a good one!

We did discover that the phone problem was/is related to the broken satellite receiver problem. So the phone is fixed ~ cancel repairman.

Now we're waiting on the satellite repairman....wait wait wait.....

Poor W came home last night, to no Internet, and no tv ~ he was thrilled!

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