Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

G's school party was on Friday.
The game was to get a gourd across the finish line BUT you couldn't use your arms below the elbow or your legs below the knees.
Most of the kids used their heads but some of them used their bottoms.
Can you think of another way to move the gourd?

Friday evening we went to the church party, supper, (I took my mom's award winning chili) carnival (I took Brownies on a Stick) and then Trunk 'r Treat.

Saturday was a slow relaxing day until almost 7. G and I took off to town walked around for a 40 minutes gathering as much candy as he could.
It was strange, because Daylight savings hadn't stopped we couldn't leave as early.

G's dad has had the started the tradition that when you get home your sort your candy.

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