Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Effects of TV

Yesterday, while waiting for the Sun to set so we could head out to Trick or Treat, I laid like a zombie watching TV. A marathon of Clean House. They found the top 3 dirtiest houses and decluttered them, fixed them, gave the people in the home all sorts of new appliances and furniture and then walked away.
OK, I have problems with shows like this ....
Did they fix the problem? NO. Hording and excessive shopping are mental issues, and unless they had them in a physc ward while they were off camera the Hording and shopping issues are still with them.
Giving them new appliances and furniture! OK, I understand it makes the end result look so much better, but seriously rewarding them for living in trash?!?! How good will it look once the shopping and hording takes over again?
What I did get out of it ~ I'm going to get rid my clutter. I have one room that is cluttered to the max. The room above the garage. I'm not going to make excuses for the mess, it's a mess because I've let it get that way. I got tired of hearing excuses yesterday on TV.
I'll clean it out, declutter it, and then sit and wait for my ginormous TV and new furniture~

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