Saturday, November 21, 2009

November Blessing #21

I have been waiting to see if I could really be Thankful about this or not, but decided that I'm thankful for the opportunity to see if this could work.

Hubby has suffered with blood clots (don't worry they won't kill him) thus causing his feet to swell thus giving him sores on his feet. Due to the lack of circulation in feet the sores just wouldn't heal. It's all a doomed cycle or seems like a doomed cycle. This cycle has gone on for months.

A couple of weeks ago he went back to the doctors and they had a wonderful surprise for him. They had a man in before hubby that was approved and got lab grown skin for his wounds. They'd only needed half of it for the man and half of it to give to someone else .....HUBBY! Notice the word GIVE, this stuff is expensive and they were going to GIVE it to Hubby. I'm tell ya it was the right appointment to have that day!

Well, they put it in place, wrapped it up and said don't peek for 2 weeks. That was hard wondering if the skin had taken or been rejected.

He went back to the doc yesterday they changed the wrapping, didn't peek and sent him on his way for 2 more weeks.

This time I'm once again thankful by Modern Medical Technology!

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