Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Observations from a waiting room

While waiting 8 1/2 hours yesterday in a surgical waiting room I observed alot of things .....

Oats aged much better than Hall
They were on some talk show
Hall was scary
I think I would have pick him out of a rapist line up
WAY to scary for daytime TV!

It's almost as funny to watch older people watch
America's Funniest Videos

than it is to actually watch the videos themselves
They would laugh just like they were sitting in their living room alone.
If the husband would miss the funny part he would ask his wife what had happened.
They really enjoyed the screaming cat videos!?!

People will talk on a cell phone revealing
what seems like very personal things
with a complete stranger sitting right next to them
I made all my phone calls from the stair well
it was warm in there but it was sound proof!

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