Sunday, November 8, 2009

November Blessing #8

Today I was blessed to watch our church's children's program. They learn and practice their songs all year in preparation for this day. They learn lessons and give talks in Primary in preparation for this day.

As a leader in the past of this program, you always worry and worry about this day. The children always give you reason to worry .... will they know their parts, will they not wiggle so much, will they not punch the person next to them, will they not cry, will they actually know the words to the songs, will they get stage fright and not be able to speak....will they, will they, will they.....

ALWAYS, ALWAYS the program goes off beautifully, the children rise to the occasion and congregation is filled with proud parents!

..... and yes, I was so proud of G.
He knew he is part
He sang the songs
He didn't wiggle
He rocked!

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