Sunday, November 22, 2009

November Blessing #22

Today I'm blessed to have found this blog.

I don't know this lady or family, but I stumbled along her blog sometime last year. I've 'stalked' (in the blog world) ever since.

This family is spending 3 mos in Paris due to her husband's job and I have gotten to go along via her blog. I've got on the Eiffel tower, to museums, on walks through the streets, I've watched her eat the most wonderful looking foods, I've gone to the parks with her, I've seen street bands..... I've just had to the most wonderful time in Paris with her. Hey, I even went to Brussels for the day and London for the weekend!

I'm thankful for Michelle's wonderful photographs and her trip to Paris.

Hi Michelle if you come looking! and thank you for taking me with you!

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