Friday, November 20, 2009

Beautiful grounded day

My school Terra Cycling stuff was getting out of hand and with the weather so cold and rainy (earlier this week) I didn't want be cold in the garage messing with it. Today when my plans got grounded by G's illness and the warm (60's) sunny weather I conquered the recycling. We've already collected about $30 for the school.

Then I headed out to hang up G's beautiful bright red bird house.

Picture to come later.

Hubby found a little tree that looks like a Deer had rubbed on it. If only our dog weren't afraid of the night he could really be more effective!?! When he is out (during the day) he's busy digging for moles in the field. He's driven one into the edge of the yard. I was looking at the 'mounds' in the yard one day when he attempted to start digging for one. I scolded him and he stopped, got that pitiful look on his face and thankgoodness hasn't dug in the yard since. I believe I could become Bill Murray from Caddyshack if this mole gets further into my yard.

I brought up a box of old movies (from W's days) for G to watch. Aladdin is currently playing.

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