Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I just have to brag about my new find!
It's this power strip that saves you money by turning off your appliances for you!
People, it doesn't get any better than this!
Mine doesn't look just like this one but I guess there are a few to pick from.
I have one at one of our computers and one at one of our TVs.
I really didn't notice much going on at the tv,
BUT I've so noticed a big changed at our computer.
This is how it works, you plug your computer (or TV) into the Master plug, then all of your accessories (printer, scanner, monitor etc) into the other plugs. When your 'master' appliance (your computer) goes to sleep, then the power strip will turn off all of the other machines. Thus cutting your eclectic intake. Cha Ching! I noticed this at hubby's computer ..... when his laptop powers down, this printer was shut off! BRILLIANT!
When our TV powers down, all the sound system, the gaming systems, etc ~ shut off,
CHA CHING! when someone turns the TV back on, they all come back on.
Now the smart power strips aren't cheap, I paid $40 for my 8 plug ins (I think it was $30 for 6 plug ins) but I can already see how they're going to save me money.
I'm headed to get more.

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