Friday, November 20, 2009

November Blessing #20

This morning I'm busy googling to see who the Teacher of the year was in our state. I can't find it, of which I am not thankful for!

A teacher from the school that I work at the most was up for the award. She was the teacher of year for our region but now she was going for the top stop along with 7 others. The awards dinner was last night.

Yesterday I subbed for an Early Childhood Education program at this school so I got to attend a special surprise assembly for her. I have gotten to work with this teacher on a few occasions and I learn so much from her each time she's in the classroom with me.

So today I'm thankful for being able to work and be a stay at home mom. To get to work in a such a great school (they've had a teacher of the year finalist for the past 3 years).

There is a difference in the schools in our district and this school is certainly the cream of the crop! I love to work there because of the kids, because of the staff and because of the teachers.

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