Monday, November 2, 2009

November Blessings #2

It is a blessing to live a time with such great communication technology!
I know that nothing stands still and time as well as technology continues on.
I'm not sure this girl can glean all the new phone technology but I'm sure I'll glean the time!
As a matter of fact I was in the cell phone store a couple of weeks ago looking at new phones, when I pick one of the new fancy dancy ones up and called W. Who know the phones in there actually worked?!?! He answered and when I asked about that particular phone he said "Mom, that phone has more stuff on it than you'll ever figure out. aaaa no Offense Mom." He was right!
I'm sitting here waiting a phone call, an important phone call with life changing information. It's as if the miles will melt once the phone rings, but when just when will it ring!
At least I'm not waiting on he pony express to deliver a message that is months old!
Communication Technology is my November Blessing #2!

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