Friday, November 13, 2009

November Blessing #13

I am so blessed to live in the country!

I have rarely (maybe can count them on one hand)
complain about living 10 minutes from 'town'.

I love the quiet,
the solitude,
 the beauty,
 the lessons it teaches us
and the wildlife.

G has been watching the corn fields being picked and loved predicting which field would be next, then predicting if they'd stop because of the rain, would they work until dark or turn the combine's lights on so they could continue working. He wanted to know where the corn went, was it still on the cobs or off and what was going to eat such hard corn.

Last night on our (G and I) way home we saw an 8 point buck munching his way through a freshly picked corn field. He was only slightly bothered with us, just enough to walk a bit furthers from the road.

A few weeks ago we saw the most hughest owl I'd ever seen!
It was quite a sight!

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