Monday, February 8, 2010

Slim Down week #1

the results
week #1
Me -6.5 pounds!
& -5 inches of me
things I've learned
week #1
*I won't die in my class*
I thought I was dying several times last week
*I have to make time for me*
every morning
*I work out harder alone*
I can stay focused
*I have to eat*
I have a routine & I stick to it
*I have more energy*
no afternoon naps anymore
I have to shave my legs more carefully*
I continually missed the same spot all last week
*I stand up straighter*
shoulders pulled back, tummy tucked
*I don't like to work out next to people that wear a scent*
I don't want my dying breathe filled with a soapy smell!
*Good music helps*
Fergie, Justin, 70's, Christina, the Peas
*My aches and pains are gone*
well, my old aches and pains
*I actually like planks*
well....lets not go over board with that!
*I can do this*
and I am

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your sucessful must be working your
Bunns off !!! Thats a good thing...Yeah! Love ya, Mom