Monday, February 1, 2010

Slim Down day #1

This morning marked our first weigh in and
workout with our "Biggest Loser" type program at the local Y.
I knew what I weighed so it wasn't a surprise.
no, I'm not going to reveal that tidbit of new here!
nor am I going to put up my motivation or my comparsion picture.
That's just not right!
My friend Stephanie goes at 8 and does the water aerobics.
I meet her there for an hour of working out together.
Today we did the Elliptical machine.
then I went to a low impact aerobics class.
In the middle of the class I swore I was going to die.
So it must have been doing good, right?
I made it all the way through the class.
Then I came home and got out my Calorie King program.
I love this program it makes watching what I eat a breeze.
*I paid $50 for this program eons ago and they still allow me to download new foods, BUT there is a similar program that is free. I don't recall the name right now, but if you're interested just look around.
Ok, I'm not going to blog about my activities every day
but I will blog every week with my progress!

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