Thursday, February 25, 2010

21 days Closer to Christ #11

21 days Closer to Christ
Day 11
Calm the Storm
I love the story found in Matt 14:27-28, where Peter walks on the water.
As long as Peter was focused on the Savior, as long as he had his eyes fix on Him he did not fall. When Peter lost his focus and was distracted he fell. Now my favorite part, When he called out to the Savior, the Savior was there immediately with his hand stretched forth. Doesn't that give you comfort? All we have to do is "call out"
It's important that we find time to re focus on the Lord everyday.
In the Book of Mormon, Nephi gives us counsel on how to do this
*Talk to Christ
*rejoice in Christ
*preach of Christ
*Remember to focus on Christ*

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