Tuesday, February 9, 2010

21 days Closer to Christ #9

21 Days Closer to Christ

Day #9

Ancient Keys

When Christ walked the earth he held the keys of the priesthood.
I believe that those ancient keys were past down to Peter, James and John and then past down to a modern day prophet. "The same divine priesthood power and authority that was held anciently." (David B Haight)
We have the opportunity today to hear from a living prophet and have been counseled to listen carefully to his words. In the Book of Mormon King Benjamin gives us 5 items of counsel that will help us apply those words of a living prophet.
1 ) "open your ears that ye may hear"
2) open "your hearts that ye may understand
3) open our minds that the mysteries of God maybe unfolded to our view
4) Remember the words we have been taught
5) and now believe all these things and see that ye do them
the results will be a might change.
*What counsel do you remember most from the last general conference*
*write down counsel given and place it somewhere that you'll see it*
*What is one way you can apply inspired counsel to your life today*

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