Wednesday, February 3, 2010

21 Days Closer to Christ #3

21 Days Closer to Christ
Day #3
A Common Thread
A common thread among all of us is that we're all tried.
"You must be tried, to be proven. My Heavenly Father was surely mindful of me. And when we know that, we live our lives free and apart without murmuring with life or the part we care called to play."
Quote from Susan Marinda Bullock's journal
Another common thread that we all have is that we all can have the
Holy Ghost to guide us through these trials.
This chapter isn't really about the above, but the above was what I got out of the chapter. The chapter was about writing down your history and your experiences.
*Do you have a written copy of your testimony of Christ?*
*Obtain & Keep a journal of your 21 day journey*

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