Sunday, February 7, 2010

21 days Closer to Christ #6

21 Days Close to Christ
Day 6
When Hope is Gone
I think this is my favorite chapter.
I found the most comfort and useful words in this chapter.
It retold the story found in the Book of John about the blind man.
Like this man there have been so many times that I have
wished the Lord would open my eyes, that I might see.
(Just as the author states for her life)
2 of my favorite quotes ...
"Never underestimate the purpose of the trail."
"It is through adversity that we experience the
sweetest parts of the Atonement"
*Attempt to see your trial through 'different eyes'*
*Pray the Savior will touch your eyes*
*Write down some good things that have come to you through Christ*
*How does recognizing these blessings bring you hope*

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