Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Olympics

Once again I'm consumed by the Olympics.
Every afternoon, every night I turn into an Olympic couch potato!

Shaun White ~ Did you see his final run? Did you see where he practices? Did you see his air guitar during the Star Spangled Banner? Did you see him on Oprah?

Lindsey Vonn ~ Were you worried about her shin? Did you see her search for her husband? Did you see her cry when she won?

Julia Mancueso ~ did you see her poster that she made when she was young? Did you see her wearing her crown? Did you see her silver medals?

Did you see the cross country skier fall into the ravine? Did you see her finish with a medal with broken ribs and a puncture lung? And just how do those cross country skiers do that?

Apollo Ono ~ Did you watch him? Do you understand how easy it is to get disqualified in speed skating? Do you think he'll be back in 2014? Don't you think he's cute?

Did you see the speed skater that crossed into the wrong lane? Did you want to bop that coach? Didn't you want the skater to get his medal anyway?

Weren't you scared when they started the luge races?

Do you understand curling? Where did that one country get those pants?

Do you think it's weird that brother and sisters are ice dancing partners?

Doesn't it make you proud of being an American?


Don't you just love to watch these athletes live out their dreams?

1 comment:

Wil said...

No, I don't find Apollo Ono cute in the slightest.