Thursday, July 28, 2011

life on Thursday

Found this little gem this morning!

We (mainly me) are still taking things slow due to the sunburn. It's been awhile since I've burned this bad! AND plus the heat is just pure HOT! It's been over 100 at our house for at least all of the month of July. Well, OK that's an a bit of an exaggeration, because on Monday it was only 95!

I discoverd that Alex Tribec is 71! Shocking isn't it?!?

I started laundry when I heard G yelling for me to come quick!

When I got the back porch, I found this ....

I guess pictures are loading right now so I'll get them up when I can!

Seems that G had wanted to move the tomatoes into the shade. When he was moving them, no knowing they were tied to the deck railing, the supports broke. Some steams broke, but some haven't so we're trying a new way of growing tomatoes the rest of the year!

We settled down to watch the Soccer's Apprentice, but were interrupted by a storm! Yea, a storm. Along with the heat we've not had rain for the entire month of July. This was a strong wind, lots of lighting, knock the lights out kind of storm but it produced 2 inches of rain! So I'm not complaining

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