Friday, July 8, 2011

Just Watchin' out for me!

Yesterday as we were driving into town where I was going to donate blood, G expressed his concern.

His concern that he didn't really believe me donating blood to be safe. When I asked him why he thought this he answered, "Cuz it's our blood and it seems important to us."

I explained that they would only take what I could spare (a pint) and that my body would make more. That I couldn't give blood again until my body had replenished the pint that I would lose today.

He was OK with this.

As I went through the process of the pre donation paperwork, G went across the street to the Library but was back before I actually started donating. He really didn't pay any attention to me. He must have been reading all the signs that said, "make sure you drink enough", because as he was going to bed last night I walked by his door, and he shouted out , "Mom, are you drinking enough?"

He's just takin' care of me!

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