Friday, July 15, 2011

IronKids training

G is getting ready for his IronKids Race

This group has started getting together every week to train.

G did a fabulous job!

Now, G spent the night with friend last night and only got 4 hours of sleep.

Forgot his swimming trunks so he didn't swim

Rode his bike without gears and an extra short seat.

and then ran a 9 minute mile!

He got in the truck, and said, "I'm not doing the IronKids and you can't make me."

After a short cooling off period, but physically and mentally he had a change of heart.

I then told him how proud he should be of himself,

what he had just accomplished was purely amazing!

I told him that it would NEVER be this hard again.

He would NEVER do it on so little sleep

and that everything is hard in the beginning.

Did he think that W hurt when he first started lifting weights? yes

What did he feel like the first time he went to swim team? My arms hurt

After a couple of minutes he said,

"and when you start playing a new video game it's hard until you practice more."

he's back in the game!

I took him to get breakfast and delivered him back to his friend's house for a day of fun!

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