Friday, July 8, 2011

Life on Thursday ~ it's a hurry up and wait kinda day!

We made it to the Y for a reluctant workout, but once I got into it I made it work and got my sweat on! I've found that if I workout in the morning then I'm not as snacky throughout the day. So I definitely wanted to get to that point!

While G was in Strength I burned rubber all over the county running errands. I had a boat load of old paint for the Hazardous Household waste place. Boy was I lucky, I tried to take the things on Wednesday but got there just minutes after they'd left! Today they were suppose to be closed (I didn't know this) but they just happened to be there and took my load!

Another errand to take Hubby's overdue movie back to library and made it back to pick up G 55minutes later!

After a quick dash into Walmart it's back home!

For lunch G had gotten a Hungry Man meal from Walmart! He is always taken to the frozen meal they make for kids but they just aren't enough for him so he choose a HUNGRY MAN sliced turkey, potatoes and gravy meal! He didn't snack all afternoon!

After a much enjoyed shower we were off to donate blood. Well, I donated while G read and played his Nintendo DS. This is where the Hurry up and Wait started. They couldn't get a vein in the first poked arm so I waited for the 'best vein finder" to be available. She switched arms and I was finally done in no time! Another life saved!

Then off to the city. My phone had been acting up and I'd been reduced to a pile of frustration with phone I couldn't turn on without great problems! So I decided that since it was acting up at the moment then I'd take it straight to the store. I wasn't the only one that had the idea to head to the store at that time!?! Fortunately my wait wasn't too long but the process for me was long. Well, as usual the phone wasn't quite as bad once I got there! Isn't that always how it goes?? I ended up getting a new phone. On my dime not theirs since I'd wanted until warranty was up!

Stopped to get the boys Olive Garden (W chicken Alfredo and G Spaghetti with meatballs). The meals came with salads so Hubby and had those along with grilled chicken!

Finally home and supper eaten ... crashed in bed!

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