Wednesday, July 13, 2011

He's alive

After sleeping almost 24 hours W is now alive again.

He was worn out from his weekend, THEN he had a dental crown yesterday afternoon. Getting a crown is a big deal from anyone but for W it's a bigger deal!

The boy has never taken to Novocain, as in the Novocain doesn't numb his tooth. Poor kid has just gripped the arm of the dental chair for the last couple of fillings he's had! So this Crown was going to be a big deal.

He had novocain, laughing gas, and 3 anti anxiety pills yesterday for his 1 hour 20 minute dental procedure. Came home and went directly to bed. Sweet Megan came over around 8, he woke up long enough for soup and rolls, but that was all.

I'm glad this is over and I'm sure he is also!

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