Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Feedin' the Chickens

A friend of G's family went on vacation so we got to take care of their chickens! We'd done this before and both us were so excited to do it again!

The chickens are great layers and that makes it fun! Everyday there would be the same chicken that flown the coup and G would have to catch her and throw her back over the fence! She must only stayed in the pen long enough to eat because she'd lay her egg outside the fence (under the steps) every night!?!

We were also in charge of watering their newly planted grandpa tree. Their Grandpa (and Dad) unexpectedly had passed away the week before they left. Grandpa was an outdoors guy, so many (9) people had given trees instead of flowers. They told us that the front of the church was lined with trees and they made a life size cut out of Grandpa to stand among the trees. Cool huh? So now you know the great responsibility of watering the tree!

One day we pulled up to find this in their neighbors back yard.

It just makes me smile!

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