Wednesday, July 6, 2011

G's Boy Scout Adventures

The past couple of weeks G has been going on Bike Rides with his Boy Scout Troop. They are working on their Biking Merit badge. They have done 2 10 miles rides. They have a couple of more (one 15 miles and another 25 miles) to do. They have a very patient leader!

I have to say that I'm proud of G being healthy, fit and active.

Then G went to

Boy Scout Camp.

Since he's only 11 it a 2 day camp with an overnight campout. The weather was GREAT for these days. 80's with low humidity the first day and then low 90's the second day. They hiked 5 miles (if you ask G he'll say it was 12 miles? I don't know where he gets his information?) through the woods. I worried my 'mother worry' for him. There are only 3 boys and both of the other boys' had their father there. From what I can get from G, I didn't have any reason to worry.

There are no pictures because there wasn't a mom along!

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