Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stay At Home Mom?

For the past couple of weeks I've been missing at home!?!!

For the past 7 schools days I have worked 6 of them! Half of those days were early morning phone calls. This means that knew ahead of time (which I love) for 3 days and 3 of the days I was called at 6am (which I don't love so much).

It's $ so I'm not complaining, but it sure bits into my "Stay at Home Mom" status! and my workout time, and my getting things done at home time and my blog time ...... I've always said I don't know how Moms work and get it all done! Now I know they don't!

My experiences with subbing have not been all good either. I had one class that I had to call in principle in for a class attitude adjustment, thankfully for me the next class I subbed in was Heavenly!

and I'll be subbing tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to read your Blog, I had wondered what happen that you were not telling us whats going, we know you were really busy. So, thanks for taking the time to inform wondering ya and miss ya...Your Momma