Sunday, June 6, 2010

Busy Busy week

Last week was busy busy busy ....
Monday ~ Memorial day ~ I got the mowing finished and packed to leave town for the funerals. I usually don't like to leave home so late (6pm) but it was just fine this time. We missed almost all of the holiday traffic and arrived at the hotel just in time to go to bed.
Tuesday ~ We had the visitation/funeral for Hubby's Aunt Clovine. During that funeral our cell phones (that were in the van) were buzzing/ringing like crazy. We'd left W at home to have the oil changed on the Yukon and then drive to meet us. He got it to the jiffy oil change and it wouldn't start! The starter was out! He got it to the mechanic (one we'd never used, worry worry) and got a ride home to get his truck! He made it in time for his granny's visitation at 6pm. Well, other than forgetting his pants at home, he made it fine!

Wednesday ~ Lillian's funeral Both of my boys were pall bearers, along with their other male cousins. G sat with the others and held the door for them as they carried their grandmother to the car. G then held the back of coffin to the grave. I was very impressed with his patience.

We visited with family before heading back home late Wednesday evening.

Thursday ~ G had missed the first day of basketball camp yesterday but he loved camp today. He attended a "Called to Greatness"
basketball camp with former KU/NBA player Wayne Simeon. He had a blast!
I was spent! close to exhaustion, so I rested the rest of Thursday
and then started laundry on Friday!

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