Sunday, June 13, 2010

No rest for the weary here!

I can't believe it has been a week since I last blogged. That would have never happened in the early days!

This weeks has been a blur, a week of progression but a blurr still the same....

Monday ~ at 8am I dropped G off to meet his ride to cub scout daycamp, drove to workout. Hubby was at home waiting for 8:30 to roll around so he could call the doctor about what time he was suppose to check in the hospital. I worked out with my phone, waiting and watching to see if I needed to leave ASAP! all of this seems funny now, since we know a few things about hospitals and their schedule ....never in a hurry. We finally got the call that hubby was suppose to check in at 12:30pm ..... he got into a room at 4:30pm. Yea, it took them that long to get a room ready for him. I'm just glad they didn't have us come in at 8:30am! Nothing happened at the hospital that day!

Tuesday ~ Hubby had his MRI, they read it wrong had to go back and re read it. They scheduled his surgery for 2:30, the next day. GREAT time I could stay home a few hours get things, like pay bills~ So this is Day #2 in the hospital and they only accomplished one thing an MRI, oh, and I guess schedule the surgery (but does that count, they didn't do it, they scheduled it) Slow I'm tellin' ya, SLOW!

Wednesday ~surgery day at 2:30 right? I'm at home doing laundry, running the dishwasher, paying bills when they call at 10:55am and say they're moving his surgery up to just before noon, could I get there? "NO, I live an hour away!" and I haven't showered from my workout (I'm not a flower after I've worked out). I tell them to go ahead do surgery without me. I rush and rush, cuz this is only suppose to be a 30 minute surgery and I could miss the doctor afterwards. Rush rush and when I get there they assign me a little elderly volunteer to show where the surgery waiting is, I've been rushing so long by this time that I have remember to slow down and wait for her to show me where to go! I walk into the surgery unit at 12:20 and there is hubby still waiting! Long story short, his surgery was done and was a success.

Thursday ~ I get a phone call from hubby early that says they aren't releasing him, because they want a certain Wound treatment in place for a day before they send him home and they'll be placing that on later in the day Thursday! THEN I get a phone call as I'm driving in from hubby that says, can you call the doctor's office and ask why they aren't putting the treatment on today. Confusion!?!? The doctor's office is right beside the hospital so I park where I can just walk through he doctor's building, stop and chat with them. They say it should be in place ASAP. I walk to hubby's room, and there is the hospital's wound nursing saying just the opposite. Now most of you have never seen my momma bear survival mode come out, but when I walked in and this nurse was saying what she was going to do (which was the exact opposite that the wound doctor had just said), Momma Bear came out! I didn't even stop to introduce myself I just told her she needed to stop and chat with the doctor. well, to make a long story short, the doctor's office asked me if I would mind if they gave my name and number to the director so I could tell my story to them. Seems this wound nurse has been under minding our wound doctor for the past month (that's as long as she's had the job). Seems to me if I've (well, hubby) have hired a doctor to make decision about our health then the nurse ought to follow doctor's orders, don'tcha think? WOW, this is long...

FRIDAY ~ he came home! we had to get a friend of W's help get him home since he still has the shoulder issue.

I have to say being home is good, but hubby just said at supper, that this laying in bed is already old! he only has about 28 more days!

OH OH and I have thank the lovely ladies at church that kept G every afternoon after cub scout camp! He had a blast and was excited everyday to be going to play somewhere! By the end of the week, he was having friend withdrawal!

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