Monday, June 28, 2010

words from G

A few weeks ago, G and I were puttering around Target when we found ourselves in the shoe section (much to my delight and his dismay).

I reached for a pair a HIGH heeled black pumps (not your 45 year old high pumps but your 20 year old HIGH pumps) as a dropped them to the floor and prepared to try them on .....

G says ... "Are you sure you can wear those?"
Me ~ "of course I can wear these"

I was struggling to get them all situated so I can slip my feet into them while G is watching with great interest.

G ~ "I've just never seen you wear high heels"
Me ~ "I wear high heel to church every week"
G ~ "not like these high heels"

I now have them on and attempt to walk in them .... after taking a step or two...I take them off. Realizing that it requires a whole new posture for this 45 year old to wear 20 year shoes! I just can't lean that far forward when I walk!

G still watching "What's wrong Mom?"
Me ~ "I can't wear these"
G ~ turning away "I didn't think so"

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