Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brotherly Love

This past weekend I was either on the run or in bed.
Hubby was out town playing basketball, so this left W to take care of G.
Sometimes this is a disaster, but sometimes they both rise to the occasion.
and this time they did.
Even though when I did meet up with the two of them
W gave me a warning that if G said *****(something I didn't hear and didn't want to have repeated)
it wasn't W fault. Evidently W said this ****(questionable statement)
in front of G but told him not to repeat it!
W got a "talkin' to" about his example with G. AND how I was going to ask for a refund from his
babysitting money if he I didn't straigthen up!

W knew before hand that I had somewhere to be on Saturday morning and that he'd be in charge of G. He had planned that they'd go to the Y. G could swim while W worked out.
AND they took a picture to document the day!

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