Friday, December 11, 2009

P.E.O Christmas Party

My best buddy Stephanie belongs to a sorority type of group P.E.O.

They don't invite 'outsiders' to their meetings generally but I was invited to tour the Justice Center (our new Jail house) with them in October. That was interesting and hopefully I won't get the opportunity to 'tour' it again or at least not from the 'Sally'.

Then they invited me to their Christmas dinner at the country club and annual Auction on Tuesday. I was still recovering from Strep Throat, but I went to the dinner thinking that if I needed to go home I could before the auction.

Well, I made it through the dinner and then just went with the flow to the auction. They all make things (food, candy, gloves, dish towel, Christmas decorations) or purchase things to auction off. They have a lady with a great sense of humor doing the auctioning. It was fun, even though I was propped up along the wall, and fading fast. I slipped out after a couple of hours to head to my bed.

I must say I can feel that Stephanie is setting me up to be invited to become a member AND I must also say they need youth! Being with this group makes me feel young! Really really young. They are all super sweet and super funny! my kind of ladies!

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