Saturday, December 12, 2009

Brotherly Love

I had begun to notice the strong aroma of W's cologne as I sat at the computer last weekend.
It was strong enough that I was concerned about Just how strong was the smell downstairs!?!?

When I went down there to ask G (who was playing Wii) if he was OK, he claimed that he couldn't smell anything!?!?! I think his nose must have already been burn out of the smell.

A couple of hours later I hear .....

W yelling ~ "why would you do that?" "you're not suppose to do that, it will hurt you."

a few minutes later W comes up so I ask "what was going on"

Seems that G wanted to have some of W's cologne, so W sprayed some in the air for G to walk through. G had walked through with his eyes open and it had stung his eyes!

Yea, that's Brotherly love ... helping G smell better!

Oh, and the smell from before .. I asked W about that. It seems that W sprays his clean clothes with his cologne so they'll smell good when he wears them. Who knew?

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