Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday!

After baking G's Chocolate chip birthday cookies
all morning I finally got to deliver them to him.....
He handed them out to his class on a silver platter!
I gathered the Birthday boy and his friends afterschool
and we headed to the movies
"How to Train your Dragon"
in 3D

They talked so much and so loud before the movie and through the previews
that I was afraid we'd be thrown out.
Once the movie started I didn't hear a peep out of any of them.
We all give the movie 2 thumbs up!

Excellent Movie

Then we headed to the Pizza Buffet.

Finally we make it home
and wait for hubby, W and Megan to get there
for the Birthday cookies and opening cards/presents.

Saturday afternoon W and his friend Chris took G for an afternoon of Putt Putt golf.
This is G's version of the John Wall dance .
Just between you and me, be glad you're not seeing a video of G's version. It makes Elaine's Dance (off of Seinfeld) look wonderful! Maybe I'll have to sneak a video of G and share it.

G's version of the Karate Kid!
I think they had fun!

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