Friday, April 23, 2010

Hopefully this is the end of this problem!

A couple of years ago our front door's glass shattered!
the heat between the 2 doors is amazing and we're guessing that the full pain of glass burst!
I was shocked at what to do, I had a gazillion pieces of glass between my front big door and the 'screen' door.

We cleaned up the mess, which took forever. To be honest everytime the wind blew new pieces of tiny glass would appear from no where! I put the full screen in the door and left it. It was freezing in the winter, so I'd put the ever lovely plastic up to keep the wind out. Last Thanksgiving I said this is enough and sent hubby to Home Depot to get a screen door.
I loved it, they put it in over Thanksgiving break.
Only for this to happen during a beautiful spring storm last month.

(This storm was the only one I've ever been in that I heard a "roar" and wondered if I'd better head for the basement. It seems that the front line wind was powerful at 60mph)
Well, I ordered the new glass and closer
($90 because you know wind isn't covered by the warranty)
it came in today
hubby installed it tonight before supper!
side note ~ The cat is sitting outside of the window wondering what happened to her hole into the house AND G just bumped (crashed) into the lower window. Seems he's been just bending over and going in/out the hole also!

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