Monday, June 22, 2009

confession time ~

In this post, I lied! Well, I only lied on the last line.
It seems that the leak wasn't found and it's not cleaned up.
It is organized (and not since there isn't anything under there)
but sitting by the front door!

I have capable men (but I must admit my faith is fading) on the job!


Anonymous said...

Am I dense or what ????
What in the world are you talking about ?

I did not understand your first
blog, concerning the odor....
You have peaked my interest...
what is going on ? Mom

Shelly said...

no, no you didn't miss anything, I just didn't fill in the details.

We don't know what is leaking BUT it's been leaking for years slowly.

My currently plummers (hubby and W) are abit baffled but they're will working on it!