Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taking the first train out of here.....

When I asked W if he was going to G swim meet, he quickly answered yes. When I asked him if he wanted one of his friends to bring him just in time or did he want to go with us an hour early, he wanted to leave with us! I was surprised at both, but I think he just wanted on the first train heading out of here! He did a light work out before the meet.
He said it hurt to blow out his cheeks.
I had warned him about 'him' not driving when on his pain meds and ride to the swim meet proved me right. I was glad.

The day before the swim meet was almost painful for all of us. G's excitement was over the top. He was the clock watcher all day He finally settled down for a lengthly game of Monopoly Junior.

He did very well for his frist swim meet.
He's only had 8 practices (he was out all last week due to camp)

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