Thursday, June 11, 2009

Doctor Mom

I've diagnosed W .... I don't think we would have ever known he had mono if he hadn't gotten something else, or I guess until he told me about the lumps in the glands.

I now think he got something else (of which I currently have and it's the pits) and we discovered he had mono, of which (other than the lumps in the his glands) he's not had any symptoms for! I'm sorry for those of you that have had Mono and had ALL the symptoms.


Jayme said...

I had mono the summer after my 4th yr of college. I was miserable. Started off with throwing up for a couple days and a fever. My fever made it up to 104.7 one night and I ended up in the ER...where I got my diagnosis of mono. Yeah...I had it forever. Along with the mono I had strep throat and tonsilitis. I also had trouble with my hemoglobin levels. Had to have a blood test like every day! I was in bed forever! It was miserable. To this day, Dr. Franklin still says I had the worst case of mono he's seen.

Shelly said...

Maybe you took one for all the grandkids that didn't get symptoms!

What a team player!

After hearing all the rotten stories that I've heard, I'm glad for no symptoms!