Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last Week's Round up!

Since I have taken a week off from blogging lets just do a simple round up of last week's news

**I subbed a couple of mornings

**Had a PEO luncheon (just confirmed that maybe we should change our luncheon place)

**Had PT just once last week. Seems my Therapist has a fun life with her family!?!

**W's truck has died. We're debating on whether it's permanently dead or if we'll PAY more $$ to relive it!?!

**I sort through G's summer clothes from last year. VERY very few things will fit this year! That boy is just getting taller, not much growth in width but TALLER!

**W's phone died (the night before his truck died). We gave the gift that keeps on giving by getting him a new phone for his birthday... that has yet to come!

On second thought maybe this isn't a round up at all.....I think it was a let the money roam post!

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