Friday, April 22, 2011

Life on Thursday

Today was a City Errand day! Not all errands were successful but all were ran!

I furthered my quest to find a cushion for our Chaise. These things are expensive ($40 on the average) and getting thinner and thinner every year. We use to buy a nice thick cushion for the same $40 as now you get a super sleek thin cushion! I'm still holding out for a nice thick one. That quest continues......

Next stop Kohl's to get G some new clothes. Success!

Lunch at my favorite Pei Wei for a Pei Wei spicy chicken Salad! Yummy success

quick stop by Target. Success!

Next to Nursery to pick up some 'good' dirt for Hubby's potted tomatoes! Hoping for sucess.

Home. Success

Go to pick up G at school. On the way home we pass W and friend on the road (they were taking W's truck to the mechanic to see if lives or dies). When I walk in the house, I'm greeted by our outside (and I mean VERY outside, digging in the field, chewy unidentified things) dog. He's happy to see us, of course. Seems when W's friend walked in he didn't realize that you have to be careful of the dog on thundery days. I've gone to the position that there is really no fighting the dog when it's storming BUT today it wasn't storming, just a distance thunder! The Storms just weren't coming our way today but try telling this to the dog!?! Finally a couple hours later, after I'd run the vacuum (didn't really faze him) G successfully gets him out! long drawn out but a success!

Then we rush off to Church for a night on Family History. We shared some great websites, one being you can put in the your family's name and get information from their grave stone! Just how cool is that?! Success

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