Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life on Thursday

Today started early, with a trip to get my yearly Mammogram! It was quick painless and done for another year! Then off to get G's Boy Scout things. WOW! the BSA has a monopoly on that stuff and it's pricey! I stopped by Chipotle to get lunch for our Moved Get it Done day. As I pulled into my parking place noticed a table of police officers, as I was getting out I noticed a couple other police office eating at another table. I walked in and had the door opened by a couple of Highway Patrolmen. I knew I was safe! As I was pulling out of the parking lot there was another Highway Patrol car with 4 Patrolmen in it! WOW the safest place around at 11:30 on a Thursday is Chipotle's OR you could take this as a time that you could run amuck around town, since they're all at Chipotle's!?! I had an odd little bout of a bug on Tuesday so our Get it done day was moved to today. We worked at Stephanie's house. She has company coming and we worked on getting her bedrooms ready. After a quick trip to the grocery store I came home. Took a nap, I don't ever really have allergies symptoms but I get sinus headaches and tired when everyone else is sneezey and drippy so it really must be allergies. It was pork chop sandwiches for supper. I really like Pork Tenderloins and this is my low fat substitute! Pork Chops pounded into tenderness and grilled on George! Slap'em on a bun with mustard and pickles ~ Yummy!

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