Thursday, May 26, 2011

Life on Thursday

This Thursday is the

last day of Elementary school

for our house.

I dropped him off without Fanfare.

A simple

"I love you and enjoy your last day",

as he jumped out car.

Forgetting his lunch, as we would later find out!

I came home to

enjoy the quiet

of the last day of school at home.

I did some

deep pondering,

as this may be the last moment I have to do that.

I called the school

to see what time the picnic lunch would start.

I woke up W at 10:30 to

remind him

he was going to the picnic lunch and play day with G.

We'd all discuss this and knew W going would make a

bigger impression

with G and his friends than MOM going!

W left here LATE (MOM would not have done that)

but got there well before the picnic.

W didn't have lunch because he was running late.

So once they all discovered that G didn't have his lunch

they bailed out of school and went to lunch at Applebees,

just the boys!

They came home ...

G blurted out his last school day,

we went over his Grade card

(an excellent one I must say),

and I handed over his DS!

I went out to

enjoy this beautiful day

by mowing the yard, spraying weeds and looking at my flowers!

Let the summer begin,

all 82 days of it!

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