Saturday, May 21, 2011

AR Field Trip to the Art Museum

The kids read books, take test on them and accordingly to their scores earn AR (Accelerated Reading) points. They can spend their points once a quarter at the AR store on things like pencils, erasers, highlighters, pencil bags etc BUT there are couple of bigger items that would require them to save their points. Picnic lunch on the playground and the field trip are two that require you to save your points. G purchased this NCAA Woman's Basketball Game field trip last year. This year he purchased a field trip to the Art Museum.

I had worried that this won't be fun for the them, but thanks to Ms Nicely (museum volunteer). It was GREAT!

Bus Ride up with G's friends

Eating lunch over looking the sculpture of the Thinker

My Little Group

G in front of the Original Rules to Basketball
this is the closest I could take a picture of them!

We learned that Crickets have been kept as pet for centuries in China

They even have cricket fights.

This is a display of ancient Pet Cricket accessories.


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