Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fieldtrip report

At G's school they read books, get AR points for reading book, save up AR points and buy cool stuff! or they don't save up and they buy cheap stuff!

Well, G and 85 other students had 'purchased' a field trip to watch our Women's NCAA conference's tournament today! Unbeknownest to them (before yesterday) we would get to watch a player that just graduated 'our' High School last year (with W). This added to everyone's excitement.

things I've learned on this field trip .....

*girls have blood curdling screams
*my hips are just about too wide to walk the isle of a school bus
*basketball players are about 1/2 inch from where we sat
*girls have to go the bathroom alot
*some 10 years whine too much, and ask too many questions
(ie: are we there yet?, I think this is taking too long, I can't see the clock, I spilled my water,..... and on and on and on)
*some of these kids never get out of our little town!

pictures to come!

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