Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Did it or Didn't it? Do they or don't they?

Early this morning I went to move a wheel barrel that got left in the yard during spring break chores. I had already noticed the cat was very interested in the wheel barrel and soon I understood why. A mouse rushed out of wheel barrel and under the car. The Cat took noticed and kept it under the car for a bit. She was distracted by me wheeling the wheel barrel around. In her moment of distraction the mouse went by the dog and into the garage.

Interesting side note to this ~ G was walking out about the same time the mouse was rushing in and did the natural, stop, stiffen and gasp at the sight of a mouse. I now know that this is a natural reaction since little G hasn't dealt with any mice in life time!

Well, I left the garage door open as I drove G to school thinking that either the cat (or dog) would get the mouse or it would leave the same way it came it. AND I certainly didn't want to think that my loyal pets would allow a mouse into the house!

Well, when I got back the dog was still acting all giddy. My confidence rose, they were still on the trail. When I surveyed the garage no mouse but no cat.....she was asleep in her 'bag'!

So Did it or Didn't it come into my house?

A couple of hours later I started the self cleaning oven as I walked out the door to the Y. When I returned my house was filled with smoke. Yes, my oven and baking stone were really in need of a cleaning! Lucky for me the weather was somewhat warm so I could open the windows and air things out. Then I thought why weren't the smoke alarms going off!?! Once before (years ago) we had a smokey cooking event and wondered why they hadn't gone off. They work when I press the test button, hmmmm.

So do they or don't they work ?

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